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Media Buying Academy Will Come To You!
Can't attend a scheduled class?

Media Buying Academy can bring our intense 4 1/2-day media buying curriculum to your location, provided you have seven or more people who plan to attend the 4 1/2-day media buying course.

It's easy to schedule. Simply call 443-671-1342 and an instructor will get back to you quickly with available dates of your on-site media buying seminar, and required costs.

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Worried about airfares and hotel accommodations for your staff?

It's definitely cheaper to bring US to YOUR location if you have the need to train seven or more people within your company, since only one person from the Media Buying Academy would be doing the traveling. One toll-free phone call to 443-671-1342 will save your company money!

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Want to train a group of people without having them out of the office for an extended period of time?

Let the Media Buying Academy come to your location for seven or more students enrolling in the 41/2-day media buying classes. Your staffers can return their phone calls and handle urgent matters on breaks and during the lunch hour. Call 443-671-1342, and an Instructor will work with you on scheduling dates suitable to your staff.

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Intense Media Training Brought To Your Offices At Your Convenience. A No-hassle Way Of Training Your Entire Media Department!
CALL NOW! 443-671-1342
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