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"I know half of my advertising dollars are being wasted. I only wish I knew which half."

John Wanamaker
Wanamaker Dept. Stores

"The dirty little secret in advertising today is media buyers' inexperience. Pure and simple."

Lee Morrow,
CEO Media Buying Academy & its subsidiaries

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Who we are…
Media Buying Authorities is a
Media Buying Service specializing in:

  • Researching, planning, negotiating, placing and posting media for a small, select group of advertisers

  • Assisting advertising agencies with buying overloads

  • Per project buys so that the agency doesn’t have to hire additional buyers and pay salaries and benefits

  • Providing media plans backed up with research and rationale

  • Post-Analysis for broadcast

  • Media professionals available for consultations, presentations, meetings, negotiations

  • Training for media buying staff members already in place

  • Media critiques of media plans and strategies

Media Buying Authorities is a sister company of the Media Buying Academy Associates. Now in its 23nd year, the Media Buying Academy teaches an intense 4 1/2-day, “real-world, hands on, this-is-how-you-do-it” seminar on how to buy media. In 2017, Media Buying Academy’s “Bootcamp” will be held in 47 cities across the United States. We are experts in the field of media buying. We believe you can have the best creative product in the world, but if that media buyer does not place the ad before the “right” pairs of eyes and ears (those people most likely to buy your product), the end result is a failed campaign.

We can help…
Media Buying Authorities has worked closely with such
companies as:

  • Sight ‘n Sound Theatres

  • PA Dutch Country

  • Lebanon Valley College

  • Excellence Shockware Therapy

  • Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing

  • The State of Washington

  • The State of California (audit)

  • VitaCenters

  • Keys Insurance – The Benefit Card

  • Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.

  • Adelphia Communications (audit)

  • Landry’s Seafood

  • IGA Food Stores

  • The Dering Corporation

Media Buying Authorities handles all facets of advertising placement – spot television, spot radio, newspaper, outdoor, transit, consumer magazines, cable television, internet, and business-to-business. Our very affordable rate structure allows you to contract our services based upon one of the following payment plans: hourly rate, percentage fee, or per project rate.

Media Buying Authorities
2222-B Kauffman Road, New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone: 443 671 1342 Fax: 443 671 1342   


What we can do for you…
Media Buying Authorities is dedicated
 to provide you with:

  • Fast, reliable service

  • Pro-active responses, not necessarily re-active responses

  • The best planned, researched, well-thought out media buys and plans

  • Value-added merchandising

  • Prompt attention to your questions

  • Careful scrutinization of your media invoices with resolutions to problems

  • Quality post analyses for all television and radio buys

  • Media recommendations backed up with respected research and rationale

  • The benefit of our many years of strong negotiating skills, usually resulting in excellent rate structures

All of our media buyers and planners are Certified Media Generalists, certified through the Society To Advance Media Professionalism. This designation is only achieved by passing a rigorous set of exam questions on media buying. We are seasoned, experienced, media savvy buyers who have many years in the field and who also have strong negotiating capabilities and a strong sense of ethics. We treat our client’s money as if it was our own and follow through on our buys, even after the schedule has aired to make sure our clients only pay for what was delivered, not necessarily what was ordered.

The dirty little secret in media buying today is buyer inexperience. Pure and simple. Ask your current media buyer some of these questions:

  • Are you getting the lowest possible rates for us?

  • Are you getting something for our ad dollars beyond airtime or space from the stations and publications?

  • Are you doing a “post” to make sure we are only paying for what we got, not necessarily what we ordered?

  • Are you reviewing and analyzing applicable research on our product category?

  • Are you doing competitive checks for us?

  • Are you a strong negotiator?

  • Do you have an established rapport with each of the media reps?

  • Are you certified through the Society To Advance Media Professionalism?

If they can’t answer “yes” to each and every one of the above questions, perhaps now is the time to contact Media Buying Authorities. We set ourselves apart from those buyers who just “think they know how to buy media.” Who would you rather en-trust your media budget to?

Contact Us...Lee Morrow, CEO; Chris Buddemeyer, President

Media Buying Authorities
2222-B Kauffman Road, New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone: 443 671 1342 Fax: 443 671 1342   


What others have to say…
Media Buying Academy and Media Buying Authorities
clients are extremely satisfied:

“Excellent professional tool…a must! More “suits” need to attend.”

~Major J. Brown, Army Nat’l Guard, Washington, DC

“Good, comprehensive.”

~Alberto Alfonso, BBDO Latin America, Coral Gables, FL

“Extremely informative. Invaluable to anyone involved in buying, planning, or selling.”

~Amy Konikowski, The Ad Council, New York, NY

“Very knowledgeable, very complete. Presented a large amount of material and kept it interesting.”

~Scott Barry, IRS, Washington, DC

“WOW! What an unbelievable amount of information. I learned so much & will continue to learn more. It makes me want to go right to work now.”

~Thomas Dolan, Ashley Furniture, Arcadia, WI

“Great course.”

~Walt Henry, Coors Brewing Co, Cincinnati, OH

“Course content was valuable. Instructor offered valuable additional information as well as active examples.”

~Tamela Hughley, Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA

“Positive – course provided a lot of useful information. Good insights into appropriate/most effective modes of media to choose.”

~Jason Hinkis, Toys R Us, Paramus, NJ

“WOW! Talk about a plethora of information! I’m so glad I got the books so I can go over all the info we learned during the seminar.”

~Sheila Good, Comcast Cable Advertising, Philadelphia, PA

“This was an excellent class – the information & their presentation (approach) was very good-in fact-excellent.”

~Solomona Aoelua, US Census Bureau

“Exactly the information I needed. Great instructor.”

~Lori White, American Plastics Council, Washington, DC


Larry Cooper
Texas A&M
505 George Bush Drive College Station, TX 77840 (479) 845-7514

Chuck Simmons
Tanger Outlets
311 Stanley K.Tanger Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17602
(717) 392-7260

Jim Mudd, Jr.
Mudd Advertising
915 Technology Parkway Cedar Falls, IA 50613
(319) 859-9606

Jamie Beskow
James Dugan
1602 S. Western Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(605) 362-6250
Will Ritter
Poolhouse Digital Agency 3128 W. Carey St. Ste 410 Richmond, VA 23221
(617) 283-1555
Robin Hozhaeuser
Ho-Chunk Gaming Wittenberg
N7198 US Hwy 45 Wittengerg, WI 54499
(715) 253-4400 ext. 3032

Media Buying Authorities
2222-B Kauffman Road, New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone: 443 671 1342 Fax: 443 671 1342   

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