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Who are we?

We are real-world, hands-on, "this-is-how-you-do-it", intense media buying instruction benefiting the novice as well as the pros. From the basics to the tricks of the trade, every important facet of media buying -- understanding and analyzing research, evaluating each medium/station/publication, hard-nosed negotiating techniques, obtaining value-added merchandising, reading the audits, and posting buys -- is all unequivocally included in this 4 1/2-day media buying course touring approximately twenty cities throughout the United States each year.

Our media buying course is designed to help media buyers and planners, marketing directors, account executives and media sales reps understand the media buying process. Our classes are small, by design, so each student gets the benefit of personal instructions from seasoned, savvy, media pros as well as informative class interaction. Because seating is limited, we recommend early registration.

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Virginia Jensen Why would you take this media buying class?
If you can't correctly answer all of the following questions, you are a candidate for Media Buying Academy's 4 1/2 -day media buying course!

1. How can an agency broadcast media buyer take out an "insurance policy" that almost certainly guarantees a spot TV post analysis in the 95-105% performance range?
2. Why should broadcast media buyers never reveal their primary demo to a radio or TV Sales rep?
3. How can a print media buyer negotiate with a newspaper rep?
4. How do you "post" a radio media buy?
5. How do you "expand" a radio media buy without adding extra dollars?
6. Why would a media buyer refuse to accept a station confirmation?
7. How can a buyer justify every single buying decision?
8. When negotiating TV rates, how can a media buyer determine the bottom-line rate to be paid for a spot besides using CPP's?
9. How should cable TV be bought?
10. How much frequency is enough?

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For answers to these questions,
call 443-671-1342

In buying and placing any media, there's always more to be learned. And, there's always the question, "Did you learn to buy it right from the beginning?" Perhaps your teacher taught you wrong, or worse, you taught yourself. You might think you know it all, that you are truly good at buying radio, television, cable airtime, magazine, newspaper space, or the Internet, but don't you think a little more knowledge might save your company valuable advertising dollars?

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The Michael M. Costello Scholarship Application Awarded by The Media Buying Academy Group

The Media Buying Academy is pleased to offer support and encouragement to young people considering careers in media buying within the advertising industry. Media Buying Academy is dedicated to the thorough, ethical training of media buyers and planners in all facets of media placement: television, radio, cable, newspapers, outdoor, internet, consumer magazines, and business-to-business publications.

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The Media Buying Academy's memorial scholarship is named in honor of Michael M. Costello, who worked in the advertising industry for most of his life. He began his career at a popular radio station in Baltimore, WITH-AM, where he sold radio time. From there, he joined J. Walter Thompson's creative team. He also spent many years as Ehrlich-Manes Associates Senior Vice President, Creative Director. Towards the end of his career, he freelanced his advertising knowledge and expertise to a long list of loyal followers.

Since its inception in 1996, the Michael M. Costello Scholarship Award has been awarded to mass communications students from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, San Jose State University, Temple University, Arkansas State University, Iowa State University, South Dakota State University, and other colleges.

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The scholarship consists of four and a half intense days of media buying training at any class location within the year of the scholarship at no charge to the scholarship winner. The winner pays only for their books, a flat rate of $250.00 for the 5 books. The only requirement is that the applicant be enrolled full-time at a four-year college, majoring in mass communications and have a desire to further their education in the media buying field.

To apply for the scholarship, students should print out and complete the form by clicking here and return it, along with a 200 words or less essay explaining why they should win the scholarship. On April 1st of every year entries will be judged on need, creative writing, aptitude, and desire to learn.

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