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Media Buying Academy Publishes 2017 Schedule
Media Buying Academy 2017 schedule is now available on the Class Schedule page as well as the online registration form.

2017 Class Schedule
1/9-1/12 Oklahoma City, OK DD
1/9-1/12  Tampa, FL MR
1/23-1/26 Los Angeles, CA AM
1/23-1/26 New Orleans, LA  PS
1/23-1/26 Salt Lake City, UT DD
2/6-2/9 Raleigh, NC PS
2/20-2/23 Providence, RI DD
2/20-2/23  St. Louis, MO MR
3/6-3/9  Newark, NJ PS
3/6-3/9  Portland, OR MR
3/13-3/16 Baltimore, MD DD
3/27-3/30  Atlanta, GA MR
4/10-4/13  Dallas, TX  AM
4/10-4/13  San Diego, CA DD
4/24-4/27  Buffalo, NY  PS
4/24-4/27  Colorado Springs, CO DD
4/24-4/27  Des Moines, IA  MR
5/1-5/4  Burlington, VT DD
5/8-5/11  Las Vegas, NV   MR
5/15-5/18  Birmingham, AL  AM
5/22-5/25  Nashville, TN  DD
5/22-5/25  Pittsburgh, PA  PS
6/5-6/8  Tucson, AZ DD
6/12-6/15 Chicago, IL DD
6/12-6/15  Richmond, VA PS
6/12-6/15  Boston, MA MR
6/26-6/29  Phoenix, AZ  MR
7/10-7/13 Orlando, FL MR
7/17-7/20  Minneapolis PS
7/17-7/20  Syracuse, NY  DD
7/24-7/27 Baton Rouge, LA DD
8/7-8/10  New York, NY  AM
8/14-8/17  Denver, CO MR
8/14-8/17   San Francisco  PS
8/21-8/24  Indianapolis, IN DD
8/28-8/31  Charlotte, NC  MR
9/11-9/14  Austin, TX AM
9/11-9/14 Washington, DC DD
9/18-9/21 Miami, FL MR
9/25-9/28 Cincinnati, OH DD
10/2-10/5  Philadelphia, PA  PS
10/2-10/5  Omaha, NE DD
10/16-10/19  Hartford, CT PS
10/16-10/19  Memphis, TN DD
10/16-10/19 Seattle, WA MR
10/23-10/26 Atlanta, GA AM
11/6-11/9  Madison, WI  PS
11/6-11/9  Fresno, CA DD
11/13-11/16  Houston, TX  AM
11/13-11/16 Columbus, OH  DD
12/4-12/7  Kansas City, MO  DD
2/11-12/14  Phoenix, AZ    MR
12/11-12/14 Chicago, IL PS
12/11-12/14 Chattanooga, TN DD

Beware of Media Buying Academy Copycats

One company named is using our name, Media Buying Academy, as if it was theirs. It is not. There are other companies using the Media Buying Academy name in order to get to Page 1 or 2 of the Google listings, and they have succeeded. When in doubt, please call us at 1-443-671-1342 or e-mail us at  to see if what you are thinking about buying belongs to us or some knock-off firm.

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