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Pick a Media Type to Fit Your Needs
One recent Boot Camp attendee said he was so happy to find the only company that provides real-world media buying know-how. We thanked him for his comments and added that we had just finished a complete overhaul of all course material, thus our Boot Camp classes are as current now as they ever will be.

Media Buying Academy is the only firm that teaches you how to buy media and why you do it that way. Our competitors don't come close to the depth, detail, and information we cover on a daily basis.

Knowing how to buy media is a skill that pays dividends each time you use it no matter your job or position in an organization.

If you are a media buyer, you need this course to excel and deliver uncommon value to clients.

If you are a marketing director for a consulting group or a consumer company, you need this course, too.

If you are a corporation that sells to consumers, an entrepreneurial attorney or physician group, college or university, hospital or health care system, car dealership, food or beverage manufacturer, entrepreneurial restaurant group, resort, or Main Street entrepreneurial company, this Media Buying Academy Boot camp is for you.

Each day of the Boot Camp is available for the Early Bird special rate of $1,350, and the special Internet class on Tuesday evening is priced at just $600.  

Classes typically include self-starters and achievers from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and positions. 

The majority of our students take the entire 4 1/2 day Boot camp, given its unique power and breadth of immediate deliverables. Some students opt to take only the specific days they need.

Please note all Boot Camp attendees receive a substantial course workbook of 300-500 pages per day with all of the content you need to excel in media buying.    

Our teachers are media buying experts and long-time entrepreneurs, thus they teach what they do every day for and in their own businesses. We add new content to each course regularly, thus today's course includes the very latest state-of-the-art in media buying.  

This is the only hands-on, real world media buying class guaranteed to teach you how to excel at media buying each time, every time for your business or clients.

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The Media Basics

Learn the essentials to successful media buying in just one day, Monday, of our Boot Camp class. We'll teach you all you need to know to understand how and why the experts do what they do to ensure each media buy is successful, regardless of the type of advertising. Highlights of the Monday class include Basics of media buying, Terminology, and Media Research.

The Power of Radio Advertising Endures!

Some in our industry predicted the demise of radio advertising years ago, yet radio continues to deliver impressive results by any standard. We'll teach you how to create an effective campaign, execute a successful buy, and monitor the buy to ensure you get exactly that.  We teach how to buy radio advertising on Tuesdays. It's an all-day, in-depth class covering all of the basics, tricks of the trade, and then some.

Take Your Internet Advertising Campaigns to the Next Level

The always popular Tuesday evening Boot Camp Internet class from 6 to 9 pm will teach you how to buy advertising on the Internet, including how to create a winning campaign that produces more quality prospects, more new customers and clients, and a more dominant brand.

 You will become an expert in Internet media buying in 3 short hours. Our course book includes forty (40) chapters, a test, and a bibliography. It is the graduate level course in Internet advertising.

We cover everything from the terminology to types of ads, key word buys, putting the plan together,  research,  response rates, tracking, "couponing", web analytics, ad management, cross platform integration, etc. The Tuesday evening Internet course is loaded with critical information and actionable intelligence, and can be yours for only $600.00.

Do You Use Cable Television or Spot TV to Reach Your Target Audience?

Have you advertised on cable television?

Are you happy with your results? 

We call cable television "radio with pictures" since its advertising must-do's are vastly different from broadcast television.  

Our Wednesday class will teach you the ins and outs of a cable television buy, how to create a winning campaign for cable television, execute the buy, and how to keep score to ensure you get your buy as designed.  

We'll also teach you how to use broadcast television if this is a preferred way to reach your target audience. Our Spot TV class teaches how to crunch the numbers and what they mean. We teach negotiation strategies and why a "global management factor" is a media buyer's insurance policy. We cover value-added and critical posts among many other topics. Our Wednesday class covers both types of media in detail and gives you an actionable blueprint for success with each.

What about Outdoor, B2B, Sponsorship, and other Niche Forms of Advertising?

Have you considered using outdoor advertising, B2B, sponsorship advertising, or any of what's commonly known as "niche" forms of advertising? Our Thursday class gives you all of the media buying essentials for each different advertising medium, enabling you to select the right medium to reach your client's target audience (or yours) and produce the desired results.   

Feel the Power of Media Buying Expertise

Media buying expertise and savvy will save you thousands of advertising dollars and ensure your advertising campaigns produce the kind of results you need to be successful in your business.  

Feel the power of knowing how to conceptualize and flesh-in your client's next media buy quickly and easily, and then negotiate successfully to secure the buy based on your terms and conditions.  

Here are two pulls from Lee's newsletter:

Internet advertising
"Way too many advertisers are jumping into the 'digital pool' without having done their homework and without setting meaningful goals and objectives. They are more concerned about using the Internet because it is current, people are talking about it, and they want to be in the 'in-crowd'. This is foolish and probably a big waste of money."

Outdoor Advertising:
"A billboard might look excellent on paper and even the photo the outdoor company shows you might look good, but when 'riding the boards' you might see a big elm tree that obliterates half of the board when the leaves are in full bloom. The photo you saw was in winter when the leaves didn't affect the readability of the billboard."  

Take the Next Step

Take the next step to media buying excellence by joining us for the next regional Media Buying Academy Boot Camp class.

Our Master Instructors, will share decades of experience, insights, and 'war stories' in addition to teaching you all you need to know to be an outstanding media buyer.

Media Buying Academy delivers whether you:

  • Seek the basics of media buying (Monday- Day 1)
  • Want to know how to use radio to grow sales (Tuesday- Day 2)
  • Have an interest in using cable or broadcast television (Wednesday- Day 3)
  • Want to use a combination of several niche media (Thursday- Day 4)
  • Use the Internet but are unhappy with results (Tuesday evening)

Jumpstart your business goals by learning how to buy media with confidence and strength to make 2016 the year you dominate in your market.  

Knowledge is essential in any profession. Take the next step in your career by learning how to buy media with confidence and power.       

Call us at 443-671-1342 for questions or e-mail us at .    
Media Buying Academy  
2222-B Kauffman Road, New Windsor, MD 21776
Phone: 443 671 1342
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